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Info China's Chinese Media Information Database is a service platform covering most of the global Chinese media. It offers clients a multi-user online platform, a real-time updating service, and powerful search capabilities, so clients get comprehensive and accurate Chinese media information promptly.


Bringing all global Chinese media information into one database

Our Chinese Media Information Database collects information published by Hong Kong, Macaw, Taiwan and other information published by main overseas media. It covers the paper media including newspapers, magazines and periodicals and also covers information published on websites.   All the information in the database comes from legal media and contains detailed, reliable information.


Quick response online platform

Our database utilizes a new online platform engine that offers clients a prompt and complete search service. The database can also support on line interviews of more than 1000 people.  


Updates in step with the media

The database is monitored and updated daily by professionals in step with the publishing cycle of the media.  News sites and well known sites are updated every 5 to 15 minutes.


Powerful database management and search technology

The Chinese Media Information Database not only offers real-time updating, it provides many ways to search for articles and output information.  It can support direct web publishing of database and whole article searches.  Search speeds exceed those of traditional databases and it also supports the entry and linking of traditional databases such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL server, DB2 and Informix.


1) Complex content

There is a large amount of complex data such as hyper text document information, pictures, audio and multimedia information resources on the Internet. The database can identify the outer data type and manage all kinds of document and multi-medium information. It offers powerful whole article indexing for all kinds of document information resources with indexes such as HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT etc.


2) Powerful whole article indexing

How can one guarantee that comprehensive and correct information is obtained on the Internet? Our database technology can solve whole article indexing issues at the field-level and database-level through a unique indexing technology and Boolean-expression based indexing arithmetic. Users can do whole article indexing aimed at specific fields or the whole database in order to search for relevant content.  


3)  Primary, advanced and cross-database searching

One can use a primary search to search according to every field (correlation, headline, publishing date, full match, column, author, layout and derivation etc.) or to search according to the publication date (e.g. previous day, previous week, previous month, previous year).  One can conduct advanced searches – all the primary search criteria, plus logic arguments such as =, >, <, >=, <.  One can also perform cross-database searches, comprehensive searches in a single database or multiple databases with different struct

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