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Info-China offers one stop shop B2B marketing research services


From data collection services to quantitative and qualitative research, Info-China offers its clients first-class data collection, marketing research and consulting services by utilizing local resources, competitive international research experience, a profound understanding of local markets and advanced technology.


Info-China's B2B research brings real value to clients


Since its founding, Info-China has adopted a scientific, precise, rational and professional methodology and attitude.  After almost 300 B2B studies, Info-China has grown into one of the largest B2B research companies in China.


Info-China's professional teams


There are more than 100 CATI stations for Info-China's B2B Division. Info-China is able to screen out representative samples for each study and can manage 15-20 research projects simultaneously.


The company also has different fieldwork teams in charge of each dialect. In Info-China's Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong offices, there are about 300 part-time interviewers and 50 full time interviewers including 20 interviewers who speak languages other than Chinese. Info-China can conduct projects that require Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hong Kong dialect, the Taiwanese dialect and the Shanghai dialect), English, Japanese and Korean.


Info-China's quality control


Info-China has strict quality requirements about client service. Info-China has a set of customized quality control methods directed at B2B research projects which are divided into: preparation, fieldwork, and analysis. There are solid requirements for each stage and a research project can only continue when the requirements have been met. There are specific process controls scheduled directly into each project which can monitor the quality, speed and effective execution at any point.


Info-China's other competitive advantage is its attention to detail.  Taking questionnaire translation as an example, Info-China equips research projects with translation experts who can transfer the meaning of a questionnaire faithfully without misunderstandings and culture clashes.


Info-China also leads its competitors in its use of advanced technology. For example, Info-China has a thorough understanding of conjoint analysis and can help clients to make better decisions with sophisticated new product tests, product design tests and price tests - all crucial to a products success.


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